Skin blemishes are irregularly pigmented areas. However, at our clinic in London we have the latest laser technology to eliminate spots that appear on the face, décolleté or any part of the body. Before indicating a treatment, an expert dermatologist must first rule out that the spot is not a malignant lesion.

What are blemishes?

The appearance of spots on the skin is a very frequent reason for consultation in our clinic. The evaluation of a blemish is essential to detect its origin and whether it is at risk of being dangerous. We always recommend making an appointment with a professional dermatologist to perform a physical examination and evaluate the colour, size and time since its appearance.

Our dermatology unit identifies all types of skin blemishes to find out their causes and eliminate them if necessary. Irregular discolouration can be caused by changes in melanin, changes in blood vessels, proliferation of bacteria or other microorganisms.

Types of age spots

Skin blemishes, wherever they occur, can be a cause for concern. We should be aware that there is a wide variety of spots: raised, flat, uniform, irregular and coloured. However, all of them can make us wonder why our skin has these types of irregularities.


Melasma or chloasma is a common hormonal or drug-induced skin disorder. The spots on the skin become light or dark brown in colour.

  • They look like a geographical map.
  • They appear on the upper lip, forehead, cheeks or back of the nose.
  • Especially in young women of childbearing age.
  • They get worse in summer.


Also called solar or actinic lentigines. They appear after many years of exposure to the sun and on areas that have received sunlight.

  • They are generally circular or oval.
  • They are the colour and appearance of a lens.
  • They appear as we get older.
  • On areas exposed to the sun: face, décolleté, arms and hands.

Treatment of skin blemishes London

Before any type of skin blemish, it is important to carry out a diagnostic study with an expert dermatologist. This will allow us to rule out the possibility that the blemish is not a malignant lesion. At De Felipe dermatology clinic, we offer the possibility of eliminating those spots that appear on the face or any part of the body with the most innovative treatments. We explain the different treatments:


We must bear in mind that melasma is a long-term problem, as the treatment requires continuity and maintenance. Melasma usually disappears with the menopause. Treatment for melasma involves a combination of:

  • Skin peeling or microdermabrasion to remove pigmented layers of skin prior to laser or mask application.
  • Dark Spot laser, performed in the clinic every 30 days on the most pigmented areas.
  • Depigmentation mask, applied in the clinic every 30 days on the most pigmented areas.
  • Application of a depigmenting master formulation.
  • Intake of substances that help to reduce pigment.
  • Between 4 and 8 sessions are necessary to eliminate 90% of the melasma.


The treatment for lentigines is the IPL or spot laser. With this technology, light is launched into the skin which, trapped by the darker structures or cells, specifically destroys the blemish while respecting the rest of the skin.

  • A treatment session lasts between 4 and 12 minutes.
  • Each treatment session eliminates between 50 and 70% of spots.
  • The treatment produces a slight burning sensation.
  • It is advisable to apply topical anaesthetic – Emla cream – to the skin half an hour before the treatment for people with very sensitive skin.
  • After the treatment, the spots darken slightly for a week. Therefore, we should avoid sunbathing for a few days.
  • IPL treatment is used to rejuvenate the skin because it stops the destruction of collagen for 3 months.

Melasma treatment price in London

Removing spots in London has the following cost:

One-off payment


Save £65 by paying for all your sessions in one instalment.


  • 1x Medical consultation
  • 6x Microdermabrasion
  • 6x Photobiological therapy red – 635nm
  • 3x Q switch laser toning
  • 3x Jessner Peel
  • 6x Depigm mask

Three payments of


We offer you the possibility of paying in three installments.


  • 1x Medical consultation
  • 6x Microdermabrasion
  • 6x Photobiological Therapy red – 635nm
  • 3x Q switch laser toning
  • 3x Jessner Peel
  • 6x Depigm mask

Pay per individual session

Price according to session

If you do not prefer to select a treatment pack, you can book individual sessions.


  • Medical consultation


  • Microdermabrasion


  • Photobiological therapy red – 635nm


  • Q switch laser toning


  • Jessner peeling


  • Despigm mask



Age spot removal before and after

If you want to cure melasma of the skin, it is important that you put yourself in the hands of an expert professional in the field of health to evaluate your spots and prescribe an effective and safe treatment. The results of our attack program against melasma guarantees the homogenization of the skin in a generalized way. If you have questions about this treatment or want to carry out a control exam, contact us through our website or by calling the contact number.

Frequently asked questions about age spots

We answer the most common questions about spot treatment:

The sessions last approximately 15 minutes.
No. None of our procedures are painful during or after treatment.
According to the guidelines set by the doctor. However, no two sessions are performed in less than two weeks.
Yes, although you will need to use sunscreen to hide the scar mark.