This technique is ideal for hair growth, facial rejuvenation and skin regeneration. NANOFAT contains mother stem cells that can transform into and stimulate the tissue where it is injected to. Our experts in regenerative medicine recommend performing NANOFAT to improve ageing skin, dark circles, temples, cheeks and the face in general. NANOFAT is also very effective in treating Alopecia and stimulating hair growth in the scalp.

What is Nanofat?

NANOFAT is a procedure in which stem cells are obtained and isolated from fat tissue and used for the regeneration of other tissues such as the heart, the skin or the face. It is the most important procedure in regenerative medicine and the latest trend in rejuvenation in the XXIst century.

Fat obtained from liposuction can be split into small aggregates of cells. According to the size and number of theses aggregates we have MACROFAT, MICROFAT AND NANOFAT.

If the aggregates of cells are big and the number of cells very large, this is called macrofat and is useful for volume restoration. Well known areas for volume restoration with macrofat are the buttocks or the breasts. If the aggregates are smaller and range from 0.5 mm to 1.5 mm, they are called microfat.

If aggregates are smaller than 0.5 mm, they are called nanofat and are ideal for obtaining stem cells and separate them from the rest of fat cells. Nanofat is ideal for regenerative medicine and rejuvenation.

Nanofat treatment in London

NANOFAT has become one of the most innovative procedures in fat grafting and regenerative medicine. The procedure is more simple than what you think and can be done in clinic with minimal local anaesthesia.

What does the procedure of Nanofat consist of?

A NANOFAT treatment is done in different steps on the same day. First, the extraction of fat, usually from the hips or abdomen, is obtained with the use of a cannula with some anesthesia. Subsequently, extracted fat tissue is centrifuged to separate stem cells from the rest of the fat cells. If the purpose is to regenerate, just the stem cells are injected in the area needing regeneration. If volume restoration is needed, the rest of the fat cells are also injected in the designated areas. Unlike traditional fillers, nanofat stem cell injection provides stable and long-lasting results thanks to autologous tissue, that is, extracted from the same patient, since it does not cause allergic reactions or rejection. It should be noted that the intervention is performed under local anesthesia and without the need to hospitalize the patient.

Procedure duration

60 minutes

Type of anesthesia


Clinical result

Immediate to 3 months

Recovery time

Immediate. You can get back to work and social life immediately after the procedure. Bruising is very rare with the use of a cannula.


Long lasting

Post treatment Nanofat

The patient must follow these instructions before and after treatment:

The doctor will determine if the patient is suitable for the intervention or not.

Pregnant women or during the menstrual period are not suitable.

We recommend using a compression garment in the donor area.

The patient may experience some swelling the first week after the procedure.

Do not take anticoagulants or aspirin in the previous two weeks.

Avoid smoking for a week before.

The definitive result of nanofat can be seen three months after the procedure.

Nanofat price in London

The price of nanofat in London is:

A single payment


It includes:

  • Fat extraction and Nanofat treatment plus isolation of mesenchymal stem cells

Nanofat before and after

The results of a nanofat treatment are perfectly noticeable after six or eight months, since we must give the injected stem cells time to stimulate and finally renew the skin. However, its duration is up to several years and it must even be said that it is a technique that provides permanent effects, since the regeneration itself will help the area to renew itself naturally.

Frequently asked questions from our patients

Frequently asked questions from our patients are:

Yes, there is some degree of pain in the donor and receptor area. To avoid this, the donor area is infiltrated with diluted anesthesia. On the receptor area, topical and/or local anesthesia is used.
You can develop some bruising or some swelling after the procedure, both in the donor and the receptor areas. Infections are very rare. As nanofat is your own tissue, there is no reaction against it once the procedure is done.
The patient will be able to notice the first results immediately after the treatment. More natural results can be seen after the first weeks of the procedure. The final results are seen on the third month.
Fat extraction or liposuction is performed under local anesthesia. It is an outpatient intervention. The receptor area requires topical anesthesia.