The latest trend in non-surgical facial rejuvenation is Radiesse. A filler made up of calcium hydroxyapatite microparticles that allows us to reduce and smoothen expression lines, demarcate the facial borders, tackle flaccidity and increase lost volume in different areas of the face such as cheeks, cheekbones or chin. De Felipe Dermatology clinic offers this treatment so that you can enjoy immediate and long lasting results.

What is Radiesse?

Radiesse is a facial filler made of calcium hydroxyapatite. This material is present in our body, and it is 100% natural with an extremely low risk of rejection or allergy. Its main function is to reduce expression lines and recover lost volume in areas such as the malar area, jawline or cheekbones.

In addition, it also works as a collagen inducer, providing greater firmness and revitalizing the patient’s collagen. In our Dermatology Clinic in London we have a long expertise in non-surgical facelifts such as Radiesse, one of the best products to treat sagging and aging skin.

Radiesse treatment in London

Radiesse is injected into the skin. It is a relatively simple, safe and minimally invasive procedure. The objective is restore volume in those areas of the face where it is needed and to induce new collagen synthesis.

What does a Radiesse treatment consist of?

  • With an ultrafine needle or cannula, the Radiesse is distributed in subdermal pathways.
  • We use a cannula to minimize the risk of bruising and reduce inflammation in the treated area.
  • The microspheres contained in the compound are designed to stimulate collagen production and promote the growth of new tissue.
  • With time, Radiesse gel is absorbed on its own and will be replaced by the new dermal tissue that the patient produces thanks to the action of calcium hydroxyapatite.
  • This collagen generator achieves a great immediate visible aesthetic change and is fully manifested 3 months after the intervention.

Intervention duration

15-30 minutes

Type of anesthesia

Does not require

Clinical outcome


Recovery time

Immediate. You can get back to work and social life immediately after the procedure. Bruising is very rare with the use of a cannula


12 months

Differences between Hyaluronic Acid and Radiesse

Both components are naturally present in our body and treat and reduce flaccidity with great effectiveness. However, they have different indications depending on the needs and demand of the patient and different durations. Calcium Hydroxyapatite lasts longer and stimulates more collagen but Hyaluronic acid works better for immediate volume reposition.

Calcium hydroxyapatite

Immediate volume

Late volume


24 months

They synthesize collagen

Hyaluronic acid

Immediate volume

Late volume


12 months

They synthesize collagen

Radiesse Price London

The price of Radiesse in London is:

Pay for individual sessions

Price per session

  • 1 vial



Patients frequently ask

Frequently asked questions about Radiesse in London are:

The results of a facial rejuvenation with Radiesse are visible for 12 months after treatment and last for about 2 to 3 years
Candidates for Radiesse treatment are those patients that want to treat their deep expression lines and folds and who are looking for natural facial rejuvenation without surgery.
Very seldom. Since our own body naturally contains calcium hydroxyapatite, there is almost no risk of allergy, rejection or other side effects.
After a Radiesse injection, it is important to avoid sun for the two or three following days, apply massages every 4 hours, and apply local cold compress to avoid inflammation.