Polilactic Acid


Sculptra, is made of poly-lactic acid or PLLA and is used to stimulate collagen in order to reduce wrinkles and laxity, increase the elasticity of the skin and soften fine lines on the face or other areas of the body. Unlike other fillers injected in Clinics in London and other parts of the world, Sculptra or PLLA lasts for up to two years, inducing new collagen for a long period of time. The medical staff at the De Felipe Clinic have been using Sculptra or PLLA since 2004 and have a long experience in this treatment with thousands of patients treated.

What is Sculptra, Lenisna or Polylactic Acid?

Many of the absorbable sutures we use in surgery today are made with a material called polylactic acid, poly-levo lactic acid or PLLA. This material is organic, has been used for decades because of its safety and is absorbed by the body. Sutures made of PLLA or Poly lactic acid last for more than a year until they are finally absorbed by the body and eliminated completely.

This organic compound breaks down into lactic acid which is a substance present in our body and it is completely absorbed. PLLA or Poly Lactic acid is a great collagen stimulator and can be used on different areas of the skin, including the face, cheeks, temples, jaws, buttocks, knees, hands and elbows to recover the collagen lost in our skin as we get old.

Why is Sculptra or Lenisna chosen by so many doctors?

This treatment is indicated to reverse the natural aging process without the need of surgery or invasive procedures. At the De Felipe Clinic we use Sculptra or PLLA or Poly lactic acid to improve skin laxity, folds, wrinkles, scars or dark circles. We recommend this treatment in all patients over the age of 30 who want to stop aging.

Sculptra or Lenisna treatment London

The injection of polylactic acid helps us in recovering the lost density of the skin in the face and give the patient a younger and more natural appearance.

How is the procedure done?

Sculptra, Lenisna, PLLA, polylactic acid is injected with a needle or cannula in the regions where we need to regenerate collagen, either in the face or other parts of the body. The use of a cannula is preferable because larger areas of the skin can be reached, making the procedure less painful and bruises more uncommon.

The recommended technique is by dilution with one part of PLLA, one part of anesthetic such as 5% lidocaine and three parts of saline. The product is therefore distributed evenly throughout the skin, generating new collagen everywhere.

Procedure duration

15-20 minutes

Type of anesthesia


Clinical outcome

You will see some swelling in injected areas. Very rarely you have bruising.

Recovery time

Immediate. You can get back to work and social life immediately after the procedure. Bruising is very rare with the use of a cannula.


You will start to see results after two months. Collagen is synthesized through a long period of 2 or 3 years. You will be able to see an improvement in your skin during this period of time.

Sculptra price in London

Price of a treatment of Sculptra, Lenisna or Polylactic Acid in london:

Price of the treatment:

It includes:

  • 1 Sculptra session in an anatomical region


  • 4 Sculptra sessions in one anatomical region



Sculptra before and after

The results of Sculptra in our patients are very long-lasting compared to other techniques or fillers. As can be seen in the cases
presented, our goal is always to achieve natural and progressive results, redensifying the skin to recover its corresponding volume and elasticity. The treatment will always be prescribed under medical supervision, since the doctor will be the figure in charge of determining if the patient is a candidate for the intervention. If you have questions about this procedure with polylactic acid, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help you!

Frequently asked questions by our patients

Our patients use to ask:

Yes, as any injection or infiltration. However, the use of topical anesthesia and the short time needed to perform the treatment makes the procedure very tolerable.
If you want to treat your face, you will need as many sessions or vials as decades of life: if you are 63, you will need 6 vials. If you have turned 45, you will need 4 vials or 4 sessions. Sometimes more than one vial can be injected per session. Sessions can be done every month.
In other areas of the body, you will need a vial to cover an area equivalent to the surface of your hand.
The effect of the new collagen begins to be seen considerably after 60 days, that is, when you come for the third session. During the following 2 years new collagen will be made so the optimal result point is 2 years after having started the treatment.
A light massage on treated areas is recommended. The rule of 5 can guide you. Massage each time for 5 minutes, 5 times a day for 5 days after the treatment.