Women from all over Europe wonder why Korean or Japanese ladies show that glitter and glamorous shinny white skin on the face. It is well known in western countries that for far east women, the skin of the face has to reflect and show that there has been no sun damaging or causing the outbreak of darks spots and irregularities.

We have recently started working with a new Korean compound made of Hyaluronic acid, which is an integral part of the skin and joints, Gutathione, which is the most abundant body antioxidant and a very effective whitening agent, and PDRNA, a mixture that reduces inflammation, used in flap survival, intestinal inflammatory disease or alopecia in women.

This crystal clear substance can be introduced in the skin through several different ways, among which we have used a fractional erbium laser that makes 400 tiny micro holes in the skin through which drugs or products can be delivered much more generously.

The procedure is done in 10 minutes and is painless. The laser leaves some pink color on the treated skin that feels a little burn. Usually patients have some dryness or desquamation the following day that can be covered with make up and sun protection. Other growth factors can be applied on the treated areas for the following days as the skin is ready to absorb many different ingredients we might want to treat it with.

It is soon after the second session or even the first that the redness of the skin diminishes, the dark spots soften and the general quality of the skin improved dramatically.

Sonia, a patient that had some acne and Melasma spots referred that she had never before had her skin so clean from spots. Adrian, with a very red patch on the skin as a consequence of a burn, experienced a very quick improvement.

“We are usually recommending to have one session per month for 6 months but patients see results immediately after the first session” says Dr De Felipe.

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